MCA Community Delegates - 2017


Neighborhood / Filings


1 North Eastbridge & Bluff Lake
12, 16, 20, 21, 35, 40
Tim Hampton  Email
2 Original Stapleton
2, 4 & 29th TC
Josh Nicholas
3 Westerly Creek
3, 5, 9 & 27
Dana Elkind
4 South End
6, 8, 10, 17, 22, 24 & 30
Christie Spilsted  Email
5  South Eastbridge
11, 15, A1 & A2
 Andrew Bartlett  Email
6 Central Park North & West
18, 19 & 32
Tom Atwood  Email
7 Centerfield East
7, 13, 25, 37,39 & 43
Lee Ferguson
8 Conservatory Green 
23, 26, 28, 36 & 42
Amanda Dorotik   Email
9 Willow Park East Michael Villegus  Email

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2017 Delegate Bios 2017 Delegate Bios (737 KB)

Contacting Your Delegate: You may contact your Community Delegate with any community concern via email. Simply click on the appropriate name above to get to the correct address.

Meeting Schedule: Generally Community Delegates meet the third Wednesday of each month, or Email us at with questions.

Please note Feb/May/Sep meetings are combined with Quarterly Executive Board Meetings.

Stapleton District Delegates

A "Delegate" is defined in the Community Declaration as the natural person selected by Members within a Delegate District to represent such Delegate District and to cast votes on behalf of Members within such Delegate District.

Each Delegate shall have one vote for each vote, which could be cast by Members voting to elect a Delegate for such Delegate District. Each Delegate may cast the votes, which he or she represents in such manner as the Delegate, in his or her sole discretion, deems appropriate, acting on behalf of all the Members in the Delegate District.

A Delegate must be a resident of a dwelling unit within the Delegate District, an occupant of a Commercial Unit, within the Delegate District, or an Owner, or, if any Owner is not a natural person, must be an authorized agent of the Owner. A Delegate may be reelected, and there shall be no limit on the number of terms a Delegate may serve.

Each Delegate elected at an annual meting of Members in a Delegate District shall serve in the following calendar year proceeding the annual meeting or until a successor is elected whichever is later, unless such Delegate resigns, is removed, or becomes disqualified to be a Delegate.

The purpose of the Delegates is to consider proposed community operational budgets. The "CCIOA budget" process allows for a veto, by certain delegates, of a proposed budget adopted by the Executive Board, as provided for in the Community Declaration. In the event any proposed budget is rejected, the budget last ratified is continued until such time as a subsequent budget proposed by the Executive Board is ratified.

The Delegates also may act as an advisory committee to the Executive Board and may give the Board advice (which shall not be binding on the Board), on the following matters: Special events and community programs; Adoption of a new name for the Community; Community Wide Services Assessments and the services funded through the Community Wide Services Assessment; Other operations or aspects of the Community as requested by the Board, and other operations or aspects of the Community as requested by a majority of Delegates and approved by the Board.